Scout, Estos 2nd garrison force.


Born and raised within the settlement of Sorrelwhat, a border village within the City-state of Somin. He spent much of his younger years as a border-guard in till the events of the Goblin-Scourge.

Assisting a group of adventuress as they rid Sorrelwhat of its problems he was pivotal in the clearing of the Old Fort, where he became know as Steve-Long Ropes.

Promoted to ambassador Steve assisted in the repair of relations between Sorrelwhat and the neighboring city-state Estos broken during the events of the Goblin-Scourge.

Returning from a envoy to Estos Steve found Sorrelwhat burnt to the ground, destroyed in a fit of rage by a company of Dwarves seeking revenge in the towns participation in preventing justice being carried out upon a Gnome known as Dwarf-Stabber.

Whilst some survived and an attempt to rebuild was begun, Steve found himself without a home, he was granted entry as a civilian of Estos due to his connections and entered into military service required for those who wish for citizen status. His adventuring experience quickly found him enrolled in Estos’s elite scouts, where he has served 6 months of his 2 year service.


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